Message from the Chairman

For the year 2017, with the vision of a wide and experienced management team, the company is committed to develop alternative energy projects, real estate projects and IT projects.

To make performances that will bring decent and sustainable income for the company in long run, and perpetually generate return on investment for shareholders. In addition, the company will continue emphasize and focus its business operation with honesty and social responsibility. Encourage the creation of good corporate governance, to become leader in asset management with investment in the energy business. Communication on internet platforms and real estate. Include new investment opportunities in the future. Finally, I, on behalf of the Board of Directors, would sincerely thank our shareholders, customers, business partners, executives, employees, and whom has always been supporting our business. I am confident that the management team will lead the organization to prosperous with strong financial position and well compliance corporate governance principles forever.

Mr. Tirawat Sucharitakul

Chairman of the Board of Director